Туроператор по Москве и России

Tour to St.Petersburg (without accommodation)

Group tour to Saint-Petersburg for 2 - 7 days
Дата тура: On request
Продолжительность тура: 2 дня
Day 1
Arrival to St. Petersburg airport, meeting with English-speaking guide
SPB City tour with visit of Peter & Paul Fortress (entrance)

The fortress is used to be called the Russian Bastille. During two centuries the fortress was a political prison. The son of Peter I Tsarevich Alexei, Princess Tarakanova whose names are covered with legends and many other famous persons were imprisoned. As it wrote a famous writer A. Dumas "This fortress saw it all, heard it all, but still it keeps a secret ..." Who knows, maybe some of them will slightly open for you during the tour of the fortress.
Excursion to St. Isaac's Cathedral (without lifting the colonnade)
"The stronghold of Orthodoxy", "Cathedral of Cathedrals" All that's about it - the creation of Montferrand, the temple, for which the architect has given 40 years of his life and considered his main brainchild - "Isaac giant."- the main Church of Saint Petersburg.
Transfer to hotel.
Check in.
Free time.

Day 2
Breakfast. Meeting the guide on the reception
Check out.
Excursion to the Hermitage

Hermitage is one of the most famous and most visited museums in the world. His collection began with 225 paintings purchased by the Empress Catherine II in 1764. And now it has about 3,600 exhibits. Hermitage is among the five largest museums in the world. Once Empress jokingly wrote, "only me and mice admire all this masterpieces." Time passed, and her grandson, Emperor Nicholas I, made the Hermitage public. The pride of the Hermitage collection is works of art by Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, Gauguin, Rodin, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Cezanne and many - many others.
Transfer to Airport/Station (transfer at least 3 hours before departure)

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Индивидуальный и групповой тур 2-7 дней. Вы можете выбрать продолжительность своего тура
Дата тура: Под запрос
Продолжительность тура: от 2 до 7 дней
Маршрут тура: Москва - Санкт-Петербург

Group tour to Saint-Petersburg for 2 - 7 days
Дата тура: On request
Продолжительность тура:2 дня3 дня4 дня5 дней7 дней
Маршрут тура: Санкт-Петербург
по запросу
Individual and group tour in Saint-Petersburg for 3-5 days, You can mix and shift excursions
Дата тура: On request
Продолжительность тура:3 дня4 дня5 дней
Маршрут тура: Санкт-Петербург
по запросу